MIchael Byatt Arabians is one of the most successful show and breeding farms for Arabian horses in the World. From the stallions that reside with us, to the show horses that depart in our vans, the influence of Michael Byatt Arabians has left no part of the globe untouched. From South Africa to Australia, Europe and the Middle East, and all of North and South America, one will hear the name of a Michael Byatt horse and immediately realize the significance.

Although our reach is global and we compete successfully on the biggest stages in the world, our home is in the sleepy little town of New Ulm, Texas. An hour west of Houston, New Ulm is an ideal location for horses to grow and prosper. We want our pace at home to be slow. We want our horses to have space to graze, run, and grow up with fresh air and a calm holistic environment. We also want our guests to decompress and take time to enjoy the lifestyle that owning a horse can provide. We want the experience everyone has at Michael Byatt Arabians to be real and memorable.


You may want to learn about the decades that have gone into breeding the horses that we have, or hear the stories of our world travels. Or you may want to saddle up and take a leisurely trail ride. Perhaps you have arrived at Michael Byatt Arabians looking for a World Champion, or a mare that will produce a World Champion. Or possibly your journey brought you to us in hopes of finding that special colt with which you will be able to create your own dynasty; these are all great reasons to make the journey to visit us. Or maybe you just needed a family outing, to see all the different animals that reside with us, in addition to our world class Arabian horses. Whatever the reason, your visit is welcome.

Through the efforts of Michael Byatt Arabians, the landscape of the Arabian horse has changed forever. The stallions that we manage have set and surpassed records never thought to be challenged. Michael Byatt is a five time winner of the APAHA award for handler of the year. The National and International awards he has won make him among the breeds most successful trainers. In addition to being a handler of world renown, Michael Byatt has won National Championships in the disciplines of english, western and driving. This allows for his unique perspective in combining the key ingredients in a horse which is beauty and athletic ability.

Please join us for whatever your reason. We look forward to you enjoying a day in a place of incredible beauty.