Al Shaqab Stallions

Marwan Al Shaqab

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Gazal Al Shaqab

Gazal Al Shaqab is a World Champion as well as a sire and grandsire of World Champions, including Marwan Al Shaqab. A stallion of great type, balance and quality, he was selected for a breeding lease by the historic Polish studs Janów Podlaski and Michalów where he produced multiple champions, including the two World Champions, Pianissima and Emandoria. Standing at Michael Byatt Arabians in the United States he has continued his tradition of producing exceptional sons and daughters.

Representing a thoughtful blend of Egyptian, Polish, Russian and American bloodlines, Gazal Al Shaqab is a son of the beautiful straight Egyptian champion, Anaza El Farid. Kajora, his dam, was a truly unforgettable mare. Named a U.S. Champion mare before she was acquired by Al Shaqab, her sire Kaborr was a U.S. Reserve National Champion and her dam, Edjora, was a pure Polish mare from the lauded "E" dynasty. Gazal Al Shaqab's pedigree reflects many of the most celebrated Arabian sires and dams in modern history, including Ruminaja Ali, *Naborr, *Ansata Ibn Halima, *Exelsjor, Bint Deena and Bint Kholameh.

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Fadi Al Shaqab

Perfect balance, extreme smoothness, and an idealistic Arabian type, Fadi Al Shaqab is nothing less than a stunning display to all that encounter him.

Born at Michael Byatt Arabians, U.S.A., to a unique lineage that represents some of the most significant international bloodlines in the history of breeding and show horses, Fadi Al Shaqab embodies the greatness of his extraordinary pedigree.

He is a portrait of Arabian refinement and elegance.

Fadi Al Shaqab exudes the stunning features of his legendary grandsire, the Qatari-bred and born Marwan Al Shaqab.

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Al Adeed Al Shaqab

Al Adeed Al Shaqab is perhaps the most famed Straight Egyptian stallion in the world.
A vision of classic type, Al Adeed is a living incarnation of the ideal Arabian stallion. Judges around the world consistently awarded him with perfect scores in type and his many wins include the coveted title of World Champion Stallion. Al Adeed Al Shaqab daughters and sons are prized around the world, reflecting the type and elegance of their famous sire.

Ansata Halim Shah, the sire of Al Adeed Al Shaqab, was one of the most influential stallions of the 20th century. A product of the world renowned Ansata breeding program, his pedigree reflects a combination of two of Nazeer's most famous sons, *Ansata Ibn Halima and *Morafic, while tracing in tail female to the grand Dahmah matriarch, *Ansata Bint Bukra. Al Adeed's dam, Sundar Alisayyah, is a cherished broodmare for Al Shaqab, having produced multiple champions for the farm.

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Hariry Al Shaqab

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